Updating puppy linux

12-Jul-2017 07:16

In Debian 9 (Stretch), Kodi is available in the default "main" Debian repository (you can check this with 'apt-cache show kodi' to show the description or 'apt-cache policy kodi' to check installed/available version).

In Debian 9 (Stretch), update APT and install: Enjoy your new Kodi.

Reduced footprint of Lighthouse Base ISO to 198M by moving KDE, Firefox, Flash & Java to Mariner SFS.

updating puppy linux-13

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PPM has other window managers ready to install, XFCE and Fluxbox, but Lucid even has JWM built in as an alternate--and of course a WM Switcher to make it all simple.

As lead developer for Lighthouse Pup, I spend most of my waking hours writing, testing, debugging, responding to feedback and updating the web site.

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