Sex dating in dumfriesshire uk

29-Jul-2017 19:08

Brain Bacon, her teacher, is now 36 and married with a child.

Here, Alaina tells here how she was seduced by Brian Bacon._______________________________________My music teacher was dismissive as he readjusted his clothes. "We must never confuse it with anything more."With those cold words, the man who had just robbed me of my virginity got up and headed back to his car. Before this encounter, I was, at 17, still a virgin, and my romantic ideal had been of something tender and special.

Every time, my heart would beat faster and my stomach churn.

For the first time in my life, a member of the opposite sex was making me feel special - and the fact that he was my teacher added to the thrill.

I have since discovered that he had already left one school over an alleged affair with a 14-year-old.

He'd caused quite a stir when he arrived to take over the music department at my school, Langholme Academy in Langholme, Dumfriesshire.

Instead, he leaned towards me and, quite earnestly, declared that he liked me too, but that, as my teacher, any hint of an improper relationship between us could lose him his job.

To my schoolgirl mind, sex and love were the same thing.