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Today, due to this blessed Peace, the National Treasury has millions in reserve, economized after having spread progress and culture in every direc- tion.Today, the ncdional credit is stronger than ever, because the N(dionid Treasury has sufficient funds on hand to afford itself the luxurious scdisfaction of paying off.with a sin(/le check, (uul to the last penny, all the National Debts, unique fact in our Spaidsh America, which permits us to consider Venezuela as a model wrought by tutelary genii.llianks to the present Peace and to Genercd Go- mez's foresight, there are roads thcd every day stretch out over new territories, shortening distances in order that progress may go to fertilize regions thcd yesterday were impossible even to visit.Thanks to the same Peace, foreign capital comes into Venezuela, cmd in- dustries are in constant development with greater facilities and just hopes of success: cuid cdl this is also due to the manly activity of the Leader, who has been able to fulfill his sacred promise to the Vene- zuelan people in 1! when he said; "/ hcwe full confidence thcd a day shall come when, without a single political prisoner.1 ccm contemplcde cdl Vene- zuelans definitively happy"; cmd this has been faith- fully accomplished, because today none of the seve- ral 'prisons in the country lodges a single citizen for political reasons. \i C "T- -i P :; -■^T — 1 — i ' ,,^^ THE LIBRARY OF THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA AT CHAPEL HILL ENDOWED BY THE DLUECn C AND PHILANTHROPIC SOCIETIES Tt^M i-fvx. Prolific letnel in whose bosom was generated Aniericein Freedom., moulded by her sons, who acted with et vctlm einel fair spirit animated by high ideals and the most noble purposes; her munificent soil in- vites ennobling and virtuous Labor; and one cetn come to her with confielence, because he finds him- self in a propitious field, eible to scttisfy with exube- rance the most exetggerideel ambitions of men; since ivherever we turn, the immensity of her iveedth, her opulence etnd infinite riches eire seen as if gilt by the fecund rays of her tropiced sun thett wraps everythiiuj in its dia¡}hanous auroral beams. A V p r o d a t e DEDICATORIA DEDICATORY A la noble, magiuinima ij viril Nación Venczola- To Ihe noble, innacle of her greatest glory.

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— as if lulled by the murmur of their waves, now calm and crystalline, now roiie/h.

UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA c S a s s 8 S Q BOOK CARD Please keep this card in book pocket n [ ~ ! — Caracas /:.s- pmpicdnd ilel aulor conforme a la Lei] en Venezuela, Copijriuht.^-Veneznela. tve cetn say that her iviele territory con- tetins nuiny climates similar to those of Europe, ivith the advantage of^ having an almost eonstaiü tempe- reiture at etll times. 1) 1 A VENEZUELA UP TO D A T E Viiir en Venezuela, es hacerlo en familia, pues nitujuna persona es indiferente a las penas de otra; de aquí el deseo de complacer y la abncíjaciún que sf nota en lodos sin pensar en valorar las servicios, por- que es el corazón que manda y no el lanío por ciento que calcula.

p«-.' ■:« ■3 FF918.7 V855v Digitized by the Internet Archive in 2011 with funding from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill OOviva o, AURELIO DE VIVANCO Y VILLEGAS X / '^\ Venezuela al día Venezuela up lo date TO/n O í Editado en la Imprenta Bolívar. Considering Venezuela as a proper country for immigredion.

Con la paz que ha dado el Caudillo Decemhrino, rubricada con su espada gloriosa en la cruzada de To live in Veneziwla is to live as it were in one's family, because nobody is indifferent to another's sufferings; hence the universal ivish to satisfy, and the unsetfishiu'ss noted on all sides, without attenipt- ing lo appraise the value of services rendered, being guided in such matters more by a generous liearl Ihan by a calculating head.

'I'he Venezuelan has no selfishness in his mahe- u¡).Through this Peace, and the admiidstrcdive la- bor of Venezuela's First Citizen, con^merce deve- lopes without hindrance or restriction; cmd the inci- pient ncdional agriculture gives grecder prof^its through the greater transportation facilities cwaila- ble, by studying with due foresight every problem that the future may present to the country as re- gards agrarianism. that only provides the means for depraved leaders to enrich themselves and thrive through the ignorance of their countrymen, not being endowed with the required virtues of patriotism cmd sincerity.

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