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ethno, from the Greek ethnos for nation, is used in combination for nation, people or culture.

So, by a strange convolution, one gets ethnomethodology, in sociology, which is a method of theoretical analysis of individuals constructing and maintaining the social order (culture?

Twenty-five thousand are so severely handicapped as to need constant care or supervision every day and practically every night, a further 132,000 needing constant day-care.

Of these 157,000 very severely handicapped, some 26,000 men and nearly 90.000 women, are aged 65 or over, two thirds of them being at least 75 years old." .

Durkheim argues that sociology is the scientific study of society: Of the real social forces that contrain our individual actions .

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(Oxford English Dictionary) Social: Relating to society. whose relation to their situations, including each other, is defined and mediated in terms of a system of culturally structured and shared symbols." - functional imperatives - all seem to refer to the same things: Things a system requires if it is to stay alive and thrive.

The definitions she used were: Impairment: "a) lacking part of or all of a limb, or b) having a defective limb, organ or mechanism of the body which stops or limits getting about, working, or self-care".

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