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With a divorce from her cheating husband of ten years also pending, there is nothing keeping her in L. Once there she seeks solace in the comforting rhythms of her parents' diner, the Sugarloaf Café, and launches an on-line blog as therapy for others who have been similarly cut loose. I was in Tucson, dealing with writer's block in my customary way by compulsively watching the news. Cut loose from her moorings, Ali is summoned back home to Sedona, Arizona, by the death of a childhood friend. When my publisher gave me permission to write about a new character, I was plunged into a severe case of writer's block.When it comes to remodeling projects, I happen know whereof I speak.JAJ Pulled naked and barely breathing from the fire, the victim has no idea who she is, let alone who would do this to her—or why.And it's no accident that Ali is remodeling a house in this book. We started our first live-in remodel when we had been married less than a month.We're currently doing at work on home-remodeling project # 7, this one due to having had 80,000 gallons of water leak into the master bathroom and crawlspace while we were out of town.Before she can satisfy her curiosity, though, Ali receives another startling call: a friend's teenage daughter has disappeared.

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Ali Reynolds is on the scene as the new media relations consultant for the Yavapai County Police Department, keeping reporters at bay and circumventing questions about arson and a link to a domestic terrorist group called Earth Liberation Front. As Ali struggles to help Sister Anselm uncover the helpless woman’s identity, they realize that by locating the missing relatives they may be exposing the victim once more to a remorseless killer determined to finish the job.I used what I learned from my fellow traveler's story to create the background for Sister Anselm, a crime-fighting nun who makes her first appearance in this book and who has since has become Ali's best friend and one of my favorite characters.JAJ Ali Reynolds begins the summer thinking her most difficult challenge will be surviving a six-week- long course as the lone forty-something female at the Arizona Police Academy—not to mention taking over the AM shift at her family’s restaurant while her parents enjoy a long overdue Caribbean cruise.Attempting to clear her friend’s name, Ali is quickly drawn into a web of online intrigue that may lead to a real-world fatal error.

At dinner one night, a broken-hearted friend told Bill and me the details of her still current but troubled romance.

But when the savagely murdered body of stay-at-home mom Morgan Forester is found, Ali’s contractor Bryan is the prime suspect.