Dating gl basses

03-Sep-2017 06:28

It is rare that an affordable version of a pro-level instrument shares so many of its features. You lucky bum are in the best position in the world to find out which setting of the electronics (together with *your* amp&cabs) sound best with *your* technique of slapping in *your* band doing a funk song.

The Tribute models and the Fullerton custom shop instruments prove that G&L really does make them like they used to.

The hardware and electronics also serve to define them as high-end instruments.

The tuners are tapered aluminum-post Ultra-Lites, a custom G&L design. It's called the Saddle-Lock bridge because an Allen set screw on the side tightens the saddles together so that the bridge functions more like a single piece of brass to more readily transfer string vibration.

Leo is no longer with us, of course, but the L-2000 is, in both an American-made version that is true to the L-2000 Leo first created and in an imported Tribute Series model that is an exceptional production rendition of the American-made model.

Hi, Great detailed review, but I am a little confused about differences between the article and the Features & Specs.

The article reads "The electronics are exactly the same—all American-made real stuff—with the same preamp, toggles, tri-tone controls, and the same wound-in-America MFD pickups." But then in the Features & Specs it describes the components differently: G&L Ma[blocked]ic Field humbucking pickups vs G&L USA humbuckers; G&L Saddle-Lock bridge vs G&L-designed Saddle-Lock bridge; G&L Tri-Tone active/passive electronics vs Tri-Tone active/passive electronics..

In some cases and in some ways, this attitude is justified—but not always.

There are companies whose products improve over time because of design refinements, craftsmen who develop in skill, technological advances, and improvements in manufacturing techniques. If you want a beautifully crafted and flawlessly finished pro-quality bass, the American-made L-2000 or L-2500 (the five-string version) is it.

The rosewood fretboard was free of markers except for those on the side, and with the gleaming chrome hardware, the overall effect was very classy.

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