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While attending Beverly Hills High School, she landed a lead role in the school's production of Shakespeare's As You Like It.

Prior to pursuing a career in music, she appeared on several television programs including Malcolm in the Middle.

Instead of just turning this into a profitable business, Caitlin thought she could the keys could be a project that could help people, but didn’t quite know what it was yet.

One day she came across a homeless couple on the street, and wanting to help, she took them out for dinner.

When the girl, Sarah, said that she made jewelry to sell on the street, things just came together for Caitlin.

She asked the couple to be her business partners, got tools and materials and The Giving Keys was in business, soon selling at stores like Fred Segal.

While the business blossomed, partnering with organizations like The United Way and Chrysalis and hiring homeless people to make keys, it became a vehicle for employees to transition out of homelessness.

The idea behind the keys is simple: each has a word engraved on it, such as “hope” or “strength”.

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There is also a choker style in gold or silver, retailing for .

They are meant to be paid forward, so that keys pass from person to person, wherever their message is needed.

More inspiring, however, is the idea that lives are being changed for the better with each key, by the act of making them, and thus every aspect of the process is a form of paying it forward.

Koshy, with more than 11 million You Tube subscribers, after being gifted one of the company’s necklaces by her parents, was introduced to company founder Caitlin Crosby.“We started talking about a collaboration and what she wanted to put into the world and obviously we wanted to put all sorts of good words and intentions,” Crosby said of the meeting.

“She decided she wanted to focus on the words ‘Trust’ and ‘Laugh.’”The partnership with Koshy follows the company’s launch in late April of an influencer campaign, its largest to date, to raise awareness of its pay-it-forward mission.I wanted to create jobs, which create hope in these people’s lives.” As I watch her interact with the staff around the office, it is immediately clear that she takes a deep personal interest in everyone there.