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06-Sep-2017 10:00

If your audio source is far away from the camera, consider using a long microphone cable and a microphone to get closer, or overdub audio later.BTV marketer: individual dedicated to actively promoting BTV content throughout the school year. We’re looking for volunteers willing to act as both extras or reoccurring roles in upcoming shows for BTV 2015/2016.In 2017 alone, more than three million students around the world registered on Seeking Arrangement to find some relief from tuition, student loan debt, and other college-related costs.Finding the right sugar daddy can help a sugar baby manage student loan debt. If you are interested in running for a BUSU Executive or BUSU Board of director position, nomination packages will be available starting on January 12th at the BUSU office.Find out more » Discussing self-care for activists, members of marginalized communities and effective self-care practices in a capitalist society.Brock seeks to capture exciting events around campus in order to project accurate representations of Brock University activities as they are happening.Live streamed events cover athletics, big news announcements, homecoming, and much more!

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Responsibilties include having excellent communication skills, enjoying networking within the student body and promoting BTV content in a creative and appropriate manner. We are also seeking after individuals to act as the on-screen talent for various news coverage around campus!